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genesis-plus-nail-laser-costQ: How much does it cost?

A: An initial consultation is necessary to assess if you are suitable for laser nail treatment, to determine the extent of the infection and to explain the treatment. At this visit a medical history will be will be taken, the nails will be prepared for laser and a photographic record commenced. The cost of the initial consultation is $80

The cost of each laser treatment is $300. Nails with severe and extensive infection may require more than 2 treatments. The number of treatment sessions required will be determined at your initial consultation.


Q: Can I get a rebate from my private health insurance for laser nail treatment?

A: If your private health insurance covers you for Podiatry you can claim for an initial consultation (item number F004) and  a long consultation for the laser treatment (item number F014). Laser nail treatment is considered cosmetic by health insurance funds and Medicare.


Q: Is it Painful?

A: Most people describe the proceedure as being comfortable, with a small hot pinch at the end which resolves quickly.


Q : Is there any down time / recovery period?

A: No. It is a non invasive, walk in walk out procedure. No anaesthetic is required and you can resume all normal activities after treatment.


QHow long does the procedure take?

A: 40 – 60 minutes.


Q: Why do you treat all 10 toe nails or finger nails?

A: Fungi spores are invisible, if you have one infected nail there is a high probability that spores will be present under other nails and in adjacent nail folds. All nails are treated to ensure complete eradication of the infection.


Q: Can I wear nail polish after the treatment?

A: Nail polish can be applied 24 hrs following the procedure.


Q: Who carries out the treatment?

A: The procedure is only performed by a Podiatrist or a Registered Nurse who have been specifically trained in Laser Nail Therapy.


Q: How effective is the treatment?

A: The most recent clinical data shows that the GenesisPlus laser treatment is over 80% effective.


Q: Will the fungus return?

A: Once the fungus is destroyed you will start to see clear nail growth and it is important to prevent re-infection from an outside source. We will provide you with an preventative program to help minimize re-infection.